Project Management

Our method consists of 4 elements 

  • Fundamental principles
  • Themes
  • Processes
  • Adapt to project environment

4 elements of our project management

Fundamental Principles

The basic principles form the foundation of the method and must therefore not be changed. They are formulated in general terms and thus enable their application in every project in every company. 

  • Ongoing business justification
  • Learning from experience
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Control over management phases
  • Exceptional taxes
  • product orientation
  • Adapt to the project environment


The topics, which can also be understood as knowledge areas, describe aspects of project management that must be dealt with continuously during the execution of a project:

  • Business Case - Why ?
  • Organization - Who ?
  • Quality - What ?
  • Plans - How, How much, When ?
  • Risks - What if...?
  • Changes - Effects ? 
  • Progress - Where are we now ?


Project management follows a process-based approach. A process is a structured sequence of activities aimed at achieving a specific goal. In a process, a defined input is transformed into a defined output. The processes define the activities necessary for successfully steering, managing and delivering a project:

  • Preparing a project
  • Steering a project
  • Initiating a project
  • Controlling a Phase
  • Manage product delivery

  • Managing a phase transition
  • Completing a Project

Adapt to project environment

Whether a small mini project or a gigantic giant project, whether in the IT software industry, automotive industry, construction industry, metal industry or media world, the method can be used in all projects. The prerequisite for this, however, is a sensible adaptation to the respective project environment. 

External influencing factors: 

  • Cross-organizational
  • External customer/supplier
  • corporate standards
  • Within a program
  • maturity of the organisation
  • terminology
  • geography
  • corporate culture
  • project priority

Internal influencing factors: 

  • Order of magnitude
  • Complexity of the solution
  • Maturity of the team
  • Project type & life cycle model

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