Test Management

Testing is a repetitive checkpoint phase in the project. It is the systematic search for errors. It is the process of examining the outcome of a considered process, comparing the results with a set of given expectations and dealing with the deviations.

The primary objective of the audit is to ensure that the system meets the agreed functional and non-functional requirements.
The testing process consists of many individual activities that can be grouped as follows:

  • Test planning and control
  • Test analysis and test design
  • Test realization and test execution
  • Evaluation of end criteria 
  • Completion of test activities


The aim is to define the test strategy in such a way that it is used for all test activities in the project. This document provides an overview of the test levels and decodes the different test types, roles and responsibilities, as well as guidelines for test and defect handling in the project. 

The document should be formally approved to provide a basis for all upcoming testing phases and to establish a common understanding & methodology for appraisal in the project. 

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